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About Bekah


I'm Bekah Shaffer, and I'm so glad you stopped by today! If we've not met before, let me introduce myself! 

First, and most importantly, I love the Lord and am so grateful He forgave my sins. He is ever so patiently growing me into the woman He desires me to become, and I am thankful for His conviction, comfort, teaching, and redemption in my life! 

My husband's name is Ryan, and we have been married nine and a half years. We love our marriage and want each day of it to point to the glory of God, because He wrote quite a redemption and restoration story in us!

Speaking of story, I am a storyteller. I believe wholeheartedly that God wrote a story for each of our lives, and my desire is to live my own story well and to help others learn to do the same!


One way I capture and share the story of our lives is through my blog. I write a new post every day and through those words, I share our adventures and the lessons God teaches us. 

I've also published two books, and if God allows, I'd love to publish more! (There are always ideas swirling in my mind, and there are more books that have been written, though only Ryan has read them.)

I love to speak whenever God opens the door, and I've shared with book clubs, women's retreats, fundraisers, worship services, and a smattering of other gatherings in between!

Everyone has a story to tell. I firmly believe that, and I love not only telling stories, but helping other people understand how to tell their stories, so they can preserve their history and the testimony of God's faithfulness to them personally. I've created a series of classes just for this!

That's a peek into who I am, but I can't let you go without also telling you of my undying love for coffee, reading, scrapbooking, and a good sappy movie. I try to fit all those things in as often as possible!

Thanks for stopping by to meet me. I'd love to meet you, too! Drop me a note, introduce yourself, and if I can serve alongside you in ministry in any way, I'd love to!

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