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Be Still

Be Still:

Learning to Know He is God

Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still, and know that I am God." The comma in that sentence is the comma that changes everything. Before you can know that He is God, you must first be still.

Perhaps you haven't been able to know God like you want to, and maybe - just maybe - it's because you haven't learned to truly be still.

What you're about to read is my journey of learning to be still, so I could know He is God. Sometimes it's easier to learn if you can peek at another's experience, and if that's true for you, I welcome you to see how God worked in me.

It's not a formula. Your own journey won't look like mine, and that's okay. But I do hope that as you read, you see something that helps you understand how to better foster your own experience of calming, sitting, listening, and learning.

(This book can be read straight through as a story, or each chapter can serve as a short daily devotional reading, with a Scripture passage, reflection questions, and journaling space at the end.)

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Readers Say:

"I tore right in and started reading.  I actually had to stop myself a few times from reading too quickly.  I loved it so much that I just wanted to keep going with the story, yet it seemed oddly inappropriate to rush through a book on stillness. I forced myself to slow and read the scriptures and questions with each chapter, and I'm so glad I did. Your book is just perfect.  A compelling story, told with your usual "voice" that I love to read, chock full of wisdom and insight at every turn.  Your vulnerability will bless so many, I just know it!" || Julie C. - Worship Leader

"I LOVE it, and thank you for sharing your story which also tells HIS story of how much He loves us! Your book from beginning to end did not in any way disappoint!! What an awesome God we serve! Love your love story!" || Shari M. - Blog Reader

"Just finished your book and, oh my, what the words said to me - a wife of 52 years - is fantastic. Wish I'd read these years ago but God has spoken to me via your book regarding our husband/wife relationship. Praise God on the way He is using you." || Marsha H. - Wife, Mother, Grandmother

His Advent

His Advent:

Still His Greatest Gift

In the busyness of the Christmas season, you may wonder: is there something more to Advent than candles, readings, and chocolate countdown calendars?

Advent is about an arrival, about His presence. When Jesus was born 2000 years ago, He changed the lives of those He met. They weren't halo-encircled characters in a play. They were real people, hurt and lonely, anxious and hopeful, confused and afraid, ignorant and ostracized. His arrival brought a gift of hope to those who accepted it.

We live with the same fear, the same frustrations, and the same faith. And Jesus awaits the invitation to arrive in our hearts, and to meet our needs and desires - to meet us.

Take a few moments each day this Advent season to peek into the past, to see those who knew Jesus in the flesh. Learn from their encounters. Welcome His arrival.

(This book is a daily reading for the first 25 days of December. It is published under my maiden name of Rebekah Freelan.)

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

Readers say:

"I love, love, love your Advent book. You are able to make the gospel so vivid, so personal, so inspiring." || Jodi O. - National Community Church, Washington D.C.

"I'm going to do mine again to prepare for Easter." || Angie S. - Teacher

"I have been somewhat of a religious cynic since my mother's death, but I am always trying to find answers to a lot of religious stuff I do not understand. The template Rebekah drew in exposing stories from birth to death over 25 days was a great approach in relating encounters with Jesus over 30+ years. There has to be more from a person who can take the stuff a lot of people cannot understand and make wonderful stories from it." || Anonymous

"I've begun to read the book again after devouring it when I first received it months ago, and it's as if I've never seen it before! I look forward each morning to new treasures in today's offering." || Carolyn A. - Songwriter

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