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I would love to hear from you! You are welcome to email me through the contact form below -- or at readingrebekah (at) yahoo (dot) com -- and if you scroll down just a bit, you'll find a few other links to connect with me!

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Shafferland: The Blog

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I love my little blog, which I began over a decade ago now. I blog every day (yes, every day!!) and cover just a little bit of everything. I love to share the adventures of our life, recipes, book reviews, tales of our travels, and lessons I'm learning from the Lord. Ryan and I call our home Shafferland, so that's the name of our blog, and we categorize our life by seasons (you know - like a TV show), so we're in season eight right now! Hop over anytime to hang out with us. we'd love to have you!



Fun fact: I worked at a Christian radio station for 4 years as a talk show producer and air personality. I loved radio and left only because Ryan and I sensed the Lord nudging us to step out in faith and trust Him for this ministry I do now. We both loved radio, and another fun fact is that Ryan surprised me with a proposal live on the air while I was co-hosting! We knew we would miss it, but we're thankful to live in a time when those who miss radio can start a podcast! So we did!

Spill the Beans is a podcast Ryan and I produced together for just over 200 episodes. When I returned to working full time, we had to stop making new episodes, because I no longer had time to edit and produce them. But you can listen through old episodes by clicking any of the links below! 

Or select an episode below:

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